One of the first questions which are set by tourists by search of individual round or an independent trip: «As to me to receive the visa to Spain?». We answer: «At the placing order through our service you will not have any problems with visa reception in the Spanish visa centre». Why? That is why that we will prepare the invitation with the confirmed reservation of habitation, we will help with preparation of a package of documents, filling of the questionnaire and we will consult on procedure of giving of documents on the Schengen visa. We even can submit documents on reception of the visa without your participation, but for this purpose notarially certified power of attorney is required to us.

The list of documents for reception of the tourist visa in embassy of Spain:

The filled in appropriate way, signed questionnaire filled in appropriate way, and 2 colour photos (on a white background, without a headdress, made no more 6 months ago).

The passport period of validity not less than 3 months from the date of the termination of the required visa.

Other passports operating and cancelled (a x-copy of all pages and the original)

X-copy of all pages national

X-copy of all pages of the passport.

The policy of medical insurance on all kinds of the help, for all prospective term of stay in a zone of Shengena. An insurance covering not less than 30.000 euros.

Signature "the Obligation of medical insurance" in which the applicant voluntary agrees ïðåîáðåòàòü the medical insurance every time when uses the outstanding visa repeatedly.

For the minors leaving without parents or trustees: a x-copy of notarially certified exit visa from both parents / trustees or one of parents / trustees which does not accompany the minor child. A x-copy of the passport of the parents who have signed the permission.

Placing acknowledgement (booking hotels / apartment or house rent / another).

The notarial power of attorney on giving of documents and on reception of the passport and a x-copy of the passport of the authorised representative.

Reservation air tickets there and back or acknowledgement of other vehicle (the car, a train...)

If it is travelled by own car, it is necessary to give x-copies of characteristics sheet of the car, a driving licence and the international insurance of the car (Green Kard). If the car is rented, to give the rent contract.

Economic guarantees: the Inquiry confirming a place of work and the inquiry on wages from this place of work.

Financial condition: 57
€ for day of stay from the person, as the proof the credit card accompanied by the summary of the bank account (the short extract received through the Internet), traveller's cheques or the inquiry on currency purchase will not be considered) can serve

Foreign citizens give residence permit in the Russian Federation (a minimum one year) (it is not required to citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan).


On already developed practice, under our invitation you can count on reception of the repeated Schengen visa (multivisa) for 6 months. However the embassy always reserves the right to itself to give the visa for smaller term or to refuse delivery.