About Costa-Brava

    The Costa-Brava associates with mountaintops and thousand-year history, it's water horizons of the Mediterranean, these are sunny beaches and the magic of Pyrenees landscapes, and it is a joyful and sunny meeting of mountains and the sea.


    The seacoast of Costa-Brava is territory of rocky coast and fantastic bays, cosy secluded beaches and the pinewoods, which are going down to water. This spirit penetrates all around. Snows and beaches, the Mediterranean and mountaintops, an emerald and azure!



 Roses bay

Flowering Spain



    The Costa-Brava is located in northeast of Spain and is a part of the biggest Spanish province - Catalonia. The coast begins with Cap de Creus, at the border with France and lasts up to the city of Blanes in the south. The sea has defined the basic features of district, and water sports - a fine way to get acquainted with the Costa-Brava. The sea natural reserve "islands Medes" is unique by its underwater relief, and consequently this one of the most popular places of the European continent for scuba-diving.


    The coast of Costa-Brava enables to lie on the Mediterranean sand and enjoy any kind of water sports. Add the beauty of coastal small towns and the settlements giving a lot of services for aquatic tourism, such as hotels, restaurants, well arranged and safe parking lots for motor-boats and yachts and maintenance service for all kind of vessels. Cadaqués, Empuriabrava, L' Escala, Tossa de Mar and many other villages, which are located at the sea line, are an example of the wonderful and charming places scattered on a beach. They incorporate cosy bays, golden sandy beaches, treasures of a historical heritage and the saturated cultural life.

    The geographical position, beauty of the nature, the Mediterranean climate with average annual temperature between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius make Costa-Brava an ideal place for active leisure. Many tourists who are going for sports at leisure, come here to do windsurfing, kiting, golf, scuba-diving, yachting, tennis, mountain cycling, tracking and walking, kayaking - for own pleasure and entertainment. Majority of golf fields located in scenic sites of the area. Fans of extreme kinds of sports will receive here expected emotions, emission of adrenaline, and controled risk - all the most important. The sport aerodrome of Empuriabrava has obtained certificate for parachuting and sky-diving - here is located the largest center of parachutism in the Europe.


National park Cap de Creus


 Yachting paradise


In full sail 



    At the sea coast there are many places with old tradition of tourism, with the settlements that have received certification of "Destination for family vacation". Tourism of Catalonia grants this specialized sign only to those places where all strict criteria on a safety and infrastructure are done, including the variety of the certain services necessary for family stay, especially for children.

    The best modern cuisine is represented in Costa-Brava in full. Skillful culinary masters store fidelity to components and the Mediterranean tradition. Originality of a way of preparation and a combination of gifts of the nature and the sea, simple, but excellent quality, have deduced Catalonia cuisine on a high level and have made its one more element of natural and cultural property of the land created by wisdom and tradition. Relation of food and region is improbably strong and reflects life style of Spanish people. The worldwide success of Catalonia cuisine became as a result of joint efforts and generalization of centuries-old traditions and mixture of cultures.


    The Mediterranean climate and cultural heritage make Costa-Brava an ideal place for rest at any time of the year. During one day, it is possible to take a walk along the seashore, to have dinner at coast, to visit a museum and the house of Dali, and attend a concert in the evening. Only a few kilometers away from the best beaches, you can meet medieval walls of Gerona, Romance and Gothic churches and there is one of the most significant Jewish districts in the Europe.


 Scenic channel


Sailing yacht moorage


The biggest seascape of the Europe



    Catalonia offers visitors wide range of various cultural events and has the deserved recognition among artists and musicians. Catalonia has the developed infrastructure combining shine of history with modern technologies. Musical festivals are always organized in the summer in different towns of Costa-Brava, for example, in Peralada castle, in Toroella de Montgrí church or in town of Cadaqués.


    The Costa-Brava is the place where dreams come true. It's the language of soul. It's crystal water. These are arrows of Dali's moustaches. It's a shrimp with grains of salt. It's a matter and spirit. It's the land for emotions and heart!